D2A Architectural Fees

Architectural Design Fees - Fixed 

Architectural fees at D2A will be charged on a fixed fee basis, plus reimbursable expenses. This fixed fee is based upon the scope and size of the project and can be broken up into two phases: Architectural Design services and Architectural Construction Documentation services. 

Construction Pricing - Estimate

Construction pricing can be understood in a similar way to purchasing a bag of groceries. How much does a bag of groceries cost? That depends on how big the bag is, where you shop, and the quality of the items you place in the bag. Construction costs are the similar, they depend on the location of the building, the size of the building, the materials used on the building, and what you place inside the building. Below is a breakdown of three design tiers that clients can select to help determine what category of design best fits their needs and their budget. 



  • 2x4 Framing
  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • Vinyl Siding or wood siding
  • Vinyl or Anderson builder series windows
  • Standard wood floors
  • Kohler or similar bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Standard kitchen appliances
  • Simple architectural design with minimal detailing
  • $200/SF


  • 2x6 Framing
  • Wood Siding and Roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Marvin windows and doors
  • Solid core interior doors
  • 4" interior trim
  • Upgraded kitchen appliances
  • Masonry veneer siding
  • Upgraded bathroom fixtures
  • A more advanced architectural design with more detailing
  • $350/SF


  • 2x6 Framing
  • Custom Siding and Roofing
  • Custom kitchen appliances such as Wolf, Sub-zero
  • Custom windows such as Tischler
  • Extravagant architectural design with custom detailing
  • $500/SF

Construction Administration Fees - Hourly

Phase 3 - Construction Administration fees will be determined at the end of the construction drawings phase. Should the client decide to retain D2A for the construction administration phase of the project, these fees will be charged on an hourly basis. The client will only be charged for hours worked. 

Fees will be based on an estimate of 10-20 hours of time per month, and not be exceeded. D2A informs the client of hours worked per month and will not exceed these 10-20 hours without the express written consent of the client.