D2A offers full custom home residential design services built around each client, paying careful attention to every detail. D2A ensures that each home design is truly tailored to our clients tastes and needs. 

All D2A home renovations and additions are unique because they are all customized to meet the needs and lifestyles of the owners. D2A guarantees that our renovations and additions will have superior craftsmanship and fine attention to detail.  

D2A has a variety of custom residential design stock plans to select from. Choose the perfect home based on your needs, layout, amenities, budget, style, and more. 

Choose D2A to create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor living at your home. D2A will design the ultimate outdoor space for lounging and gathering based on the needs of the client. 

D2A also specializes in the design of custom accessory building design. This includes but not limited to detached garages, carriage houses, pool houses, cabanas, and even barn house designs.

D2A can offer designs spanning all industries to deliver valuable solutions that strengthen business outcomes. D2A works with the latest commercial exterior and interior design trends to create the best space for your company.

D2A creates interiors that are both beautiful and functional for your home, and we can envision interiors for new additions. D2A pays careful attention to the clients taste and desired style throughout the design process.


Additional Services


  • Bidding review and analysis
  • Construction Administration
  • As-built drawings
  • Landscape Design
  • Reflected Ceiling design
  • Any additional drawings or time related to the pursuit of a variance
  • Model Building
  • Product Research


The D2A Design Process

Phase 1 - Architectural Design Services

This Phase will include:

Measured Drawings - D2A will field sketch and measure portions of your existing residence/building in both plan and elevation and will produce computer generated partial architectural floor plans and elevations of existing conditions as they relate to the addition/renovation area.

Zoning Evaluation - D2A will evaluate the zoning criteria for your specific lot and block.  We will combine that information with Site Survey information provided by the owner to determine what zoning criteria and limitations of the project will be.

Schematic and Design Development Plans - These drawings will be produced based upon the program of the project.

Client Meetings - Several client meetings will take place during Phase 1. 

Phase 2 - Architectural Construction Document Services

This phase will include: 

Construction Drawings - Sufficient construction drawings and specifications will be produced to obtain a building permit for the project. Structural engineering fees will apply to this phase and will be estimated in your proposal.

Phase 3 - Architectural Construction Administration Services

This phase will include:

Meetings - D2A will answer questions and attend meetings as requested by the builder and the client for the duration of the construction process.

Structural Framing Review - D2A will perform a review of the structural framing of the additions for compliance to the Construction Documentation.

Client Selections - D2A will assist the client in the selection of exterior and interior materials, will assist the client with interior design of specialty rooms, will assist the client with appliance and fixture selections